One Year Later: Branson + Kendall

Happy anniversary to these two precious people! Branson + Kendall got married on a late March afternoon in Huntsville, AL. They said “I do” at FUMC and then danced then night away at Burritt on the Mountain. It was a night I’ll never forget! I got the chance to ask Kendall about her first year of marriage. Read her answers below!

Planner: Faith Woods Events | Ceremony Venue: Huntsville FUMC | Reception Venue: Burritt on the Mountain | Caterer: Odette | Hair + Makeup: Danielle Ivy | Cake artist: Mary Michael | Wedding dress: Ivory and White Boutique | Bridesmaids: Show Me Your Mumu | Rentals: Mullins Special Occasions | Entertainment: MVP Band | Florals: Buckets and Blooms | Videographer: Woodnote Media | Stationery: Ledgewood Fine Stationery | Photo Booth: The Flash Bar

the sweet stuff

Q: What’s your best memory from year one?
A: “I think I can say it has been 100% our dog Ben. He’s just the best and he’s made our lives so much more fun and we are just so obsessed with him.”

Q: What do you love most about your spouse?
A: “The thing I love most about Branson is how patient he is. He never gets worked up and is so calm. Like always. I love that he is so attentive to my feelings and I never have to explain if something is wrong, he always just knows.”

Q: Do you have any sweet nicknames for each other?
A: “This is weird and I don’t even remember when it started but we call each other “bun” haha”

Q: What’s been your favorite thing about marriage so far?
A: “I just love that we get to be together all the time. We were long distance for a while in college so it’s such a treat to get to spend so much time together. I also love learning new things about Branson. We were together for 6 years before we got married but I love that he keeps surprising me!!”

the fun stuff

Q: Who hogs the sheets at night?
A: “Definitely me.”

Q: Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?
A: “I feel like this is obvious, but it’s very much me. Branson can get ready in about 5 minutes but thankfully he never rushes me when we are trying to get somewhere!!”

the tough stuff

Q: What’s been the hardest thing about marriage so far?
A: “The hardest thing I think has just been finding time for us to go on real dates. We spend so much time together just hanging out but we are making an effort to go and either eat out or just have a day date together.”

Q: What’s something you would have changed about your wedding if you could go back and do it again?
A: “There is truly nothing I would change about our wedding! We had such an amazing team and we had the absolute best time. Looking back at our pictures and video has been the best gift! There’s just nothing better than knowing your friends and family had fun too you know?!”

the life stuff

Q: How are you spending your anniversary?
A: “Branson planned for us to go up to the mountains to this tiny home and I’m so excited! Ben gets to come too:) Anything where we get to get away just the two of us (+Ben) is so fun to me.”

Q: What’s a long-term life goal you hope to accomplish together?
A: “We are both really excited to buy a house and are trying to save as much as we can right now! I think that’s a mix of a long-term and short-term goal but it’s something that we are thinking about right now:)”

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