One Year Later: Chris + Clare Barber

I’ve never photographed another wedding quite like Chris and Clare’s wedding. They got married in her parents’ back yard on a sunny March afternoon. In attendance: the couple, their parents, the officiant, the violinist, two videographers, and myself. It was so simple and so beautiful. They made promises to each other and became husband and wife. And at the very end, they released a box of butterflies into the air and walked back down the aisle arm-in-arm.

I got to talk to Chris + Clare about how their first year of marriage has been, what the ups and downs have been like, and how they envision their future together. Read their answers below!

the sweet stuff

Q: What do you love most about your spouse?
A: “Her understanding and patience. Clare is the most understanding person I know. This is great because I’m really weird and she puts up with all of my quirks!” – Chris
A: “I’d have to say I love Chris’ thoughtfulness the most. He shows me he loves me in a variety of ways and I am beyond thankful for that.” – Clare

Q: What’s been your favorite thing about marriage so far?
A: “Knowing that I’m not alone no matter what I’m going through. I know Clare will always stand by me no matter the trial and I will do the same for her.” – Chris
A: “Probably living with my best friend. When I have a bad day, he’s there. When I need to run errands, he’s happy to keep me company. It doesn’t matter if something super exciting is going on or we’re just going to the grocery store; I love doing it all with Chris.” – Clare

the fun stuff

Q: Who hogs the sheets at night?
A: “Clare for sure. She doesn’t realize she’s doing it so I get accused of it.” – Chris
A: “Yes, you get accused of it because YOU are the one doing it! On nights that you fall asleep before me, I’ll look over there and you’ll be all bundled up like a happy burrito.” – Clare

Q: Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?
A: “Clare, but not always. She’s usually pretty quick but occasionally I’ll bug her to death if we’re running late.” – Chris
A: “It really depends on the situation. I’d say it takes him longer to get ready in the morning but it takes me longer getting ready at night.” – Clare

Q: Who is most likely to lock themselves out of the house?
A: “Neither of us really, although Clare does lose things every now and then.” – Chris
A: “He’s right. My main set of car keys and the key to my parents’ house have been missing IN OUR OWN HOUSE for about 6 months now. I blame the cats. They must have done something with them.” – Clare

the tough stuff

Q: What’s been the hardest thing about marriage so far?
A: “Getting used to our money being “our” money.” – Chris
A: “I was going to say the same thing. We were both real-world adults with our own budget and our own income for years before getting married, so it has been a challenge trying to break the habit of thinking singularly when it comes to finances. We’ve gotten much better though!” – Clare

Q: What’s one piece of marriage advice you wish someone had told you?
A: “Someone DID tell me this, but it is something I have learned and continue to learn: don’t say anything out of spite or make non-constructive comments during disagreements. It never ends well. Think before you speak.” – Chris
A: “Mine is also something I heard before marriage but still have to work on: don’t sweat the small stuff. It almost always works itself out and later on, you’ll feel silly for fretting about it in the first place.” – Clare

the life stuff

Q: What are you most looking forward to about year two of marriage?
A: “Getting to travel and experience more things together. We’ve barely had any vacation time since our two-week honeymoon!” – Chris
“I also say traveling. We both work very hard so we can’t wait to take a little more time off throughout the year to do the things we love!” – Clare

Q: What’s a long-term life goal you hope to accomplish together?
A: “Retire early.” – Chris
A: “It is my hope that Chris and I get the opportunity to travel to each and every continent together in our lifetime.” – Clare

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