Ryan + Alyssa // A Rainy Day Engagement Session

couple embraces while taking engagement pictures in the rain

Ryan and Alyssa’s engagement session was dangerously close to being a total disaster. We knew that there was a chance of rain, but they had driven in from several hours away so rescheduling wasn’t an option. Since Ryan is my husband’s first cousin, they drove in and met us at our apartment before we got started. There was an empty lot next to our complex that I had been eyeing for several weeks, so I knew I wanted us to walk across the street and shoot there first thing. We walked over, grabbed a couple cute shots…and then we felt the raindrops. We had brought umbrellas with us, and we were only across the street from my apartment, but none of that was able to save us from the absolute downpour that immediately ensued. With my gear tucked under my clothes and umbrellas clutched close to our heads, we sprinted back to the apartment, soaking wet.

Thankfully, the story doesn’t end there. Both of them had brought extra outfits, so after changing clothes and letting Alyssa use my blowdryer and curling iron to redo her hair, we were able to head back out after the rain had passed. Back to the same empty lot, then down a street sidewalk covered in an arch of trees, and ending on our church property shooting back in the woods. These two were absolute troopers and stayed positive the whole time, and their joy and love was so obvious despite the less than ideal weather. I can’t wait to shoot their Kentucky wedding next year!

couple takes engagement pictures in the rain

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