Scott + Kaitlin // Engaged

The last 15 minutes of driving before you get to Gorham’s Bluff doesn’t leave you very hopeful for where you’re about to shoot. Until practically out of nowhere you make one left turn and suddenly you’re in the Seaside of the northeast Alabama mountains. With charming mountain lodges, a quaint little post office, fabulous views of the Tennessee River Valley, and a fabulous lodge perfect for weddings…a photographer just can’t get any luckier.

Once I arrived and got settled in we hit the bluffs to start our engagement session, only to be met by intense winds and bitter cold. Words were literally being blown back into my mouth before I could say them! Obviously I kept my cool and tried to roll with the punches, but I was secretly freaking out and praying that the wind would eventually stop.

After finishing up the first part of our session we ran back inside to the fireplace for our outsides and to have a beer for our insides. Then we went to the other side of the house and I tell you it was like we had stepped out into an entirely new day. Warmer, no wind, and sunlight starting to peek through the clouds. Praises.

As you can tell from the pictures, shooting their wedding in May is NOT going to be very difficult. These two were so fun and easy-going. Scott and Kaitlin, I am PUMPED to shoot your wedding. Oh what a day it will be.

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