Sutton + Caitlin // Engaged

The light. The location. The couple. IT WAS ALL SO GOOD. Sutton and Caitlin made for one seriously easy-to-shoot couple, and needless to say I am PUMPED to shoot their wedding next month.

When I pulled up to the venue I had an immediate throwback to sophomore year Beeson Ball at Samford…I apparently never made the connection that Mathews Manor was same name for the same place. But what I’d never realized when I was there last time (mostly because it was nighttime and I had no reason to cross the street) was the FANTASTIC combination of fields/meadows/streams/bridges just a few yards away. The venue was gorgeous, but for the engagement shots we went off the beaten path and got our feet a little dirty. 

And man am I glad we did. They rocked the sweet shots, they rocked the serious shots, they rocked the silly shots, and come May 24th the wedding world isn’t gonna know what hit it.

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