Hey, I'm Katie! My middle name is Jewell, after my great-grandmother. My last name is Beech, given to me by my best friend on April 1st, 2017.


My husband Max is hilarious, loyal, and wise. He’s the definition of a warrior and an overcomer, and I’m so proud to be his wife. He’s also an incredibly talented graphic designer (who you can find on Instagram at @maxbeechcreative).


We have two perfect kitty babies named Blaze and Davy (who you can find on Instagram at @blaze_and_davy because yes, I am that person) and I honestly don’t know what we did to deserve such precious little furballs.


I'm glad you're here, even if you're just looking around. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about anything, want to get together for coffee, or even just tell me a bit about yourself. I'd love to hear from you.


With photography,

my goal is to capture moments and memories in a natural, fun, relaxed atmosphere. I want your pictures to look as organic as possible. When we get together for a consultation, I want to get to know you; I want to know who you are and what you want your pictures to reflect. I want to know how I can make your experience with me the best one possible. And I want us to make dang good photographs together.

With planning,

my goal is to free you up to focus on the parts of your wedding experience that matter the most. Your engagement season should be a time of rejoicing and anticipation . . . not stress and disappointment. Your wedding day should find you relaxing, being pampered, and enjoying time with your friends and family . . . not answering questions, making decisions, and organizing last-minute details. I’ve got the skills and the expertise to make sure you’re surrounded by only the good things; so go ahead and let me give you the joy of a stress-free wedding experience.

I've got a thing for...

I've got a thing for...

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Though I ran hard in the opposite direction, the Hound of Heaven found me in the winter of 2011. He’s the reason I can have joy in the midst of the deepest heartaches, and why I can have hope in the most hopeless situations. He's proven himself good and true over and over and over.


If you want a brief, two-minute version of why that is, watch this video. If you want a more personal explanation, I’d love grab a beer and chat about it sometime.




Photographer + Wedding Planner


based in north alabama; available nationwide

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