8 Questions To Ask Before Booking A Bridal Session

While bridal sessions are a common addition to today’s wedding photography, not every bride is going to want one. If you’re still trying to decide if this is something you want to add on to your photography package, keep reading to find 8 questions to ask before booking a bridal session.

What is a bridal session?

To start with, let’s specify what a bridal session actually is. This *might* vary between photographers, but usually, a bridal session is a photography session prior to the actual wedding day where you put on your dress and have photos taken of yourself in your complete bridal look. Most brides choose to do this on the same day they do their hair and makeup trial, and I always recommend bringing your wedding band and a bouquet to finish off the bridal look.

Unless you’re blessed with a larger budget, you’re probably having to pick and choose which things are most important to you as you plan your wedding. Even if you do book a bridal session, most photographers will get solo photos of you on your wedding day also, even if it’s only a few. So if you’re unsure if a separate bridal session is something you want to put money towards, keep reading; I’ve come up with a few questions you can ask to help you decide.

8 questions to help you decide

  1. Is your dress incredibly unique or important to you?
    If yes, book a bridal session.
  2. Are you shy or uncomfortable in front of the camera, especially when it’s just you?
    If yes, don’t book a bridal session.
  3. Do you want to take every opportunity you can to wear your dress and feel like a gorgeous fairy?
    If yes, book a bridal session.
  4. Is your budget too tight to allow for an engagement session AND a bridal session?
    If yes, don’t book a bridal session.
  5. Do you want to take your bridal portraits somewhere other than your wedding location?
    If yes, book a bridal session.
  6. Are you unlikely to frame/look at/enjoy your bridal portraits as often as you are your engagement or wedding photos?
    If yes, don’t book a bridal session.
  7. Will you (or your mom, grandma, etc.) look back and wish you had more photos of you in your wedding dress?
    If yes, book a bridal session.
  8. Are you willing to spend money on having your hair + makeup professionally done and having a bouquet created for the bridal portraits?
    If no, don’t book a bridal session.

Everyone is different, so you should obviously take these with a grain of salt. You don’t HAVE to get your hair and makeup done, and you don’t have to bring a bouquet at all. Maybe you hate having your picture taken but you really want to have these photos of you to pass down to your future kids. None of these questions are meant to be taken as gospel, but hopefully they’ll help get your gears turning as you think about your decision. And as always, if you still can’t decide, consult your photographer.

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