Renfaire Themed Couples Portraits In Athens, GA

When Dylan + Lee said they wanted to meet in the woods and take renfaire themed couples portraits, I KNEW we were in for a good time. I relish any opportunity to do something creative and out of the ordinary…and traipsing around in old collapsed chimney ruins was exactly that.

We started the session in everyday wear, getting both of them relaxed and having a good time. Conversation was easy, and their love for each other was obvious. The weather had turned out to be chilly and overcast, but that didn’t stop us. More often than not, I actually prefer to shoot in overcast light, especially when you’re in the woods. It makes for perfectly cozy vibes and prevents speckled light from filtering through the trees and casting unwanted shadows on my subjects’ faces.

By the time we were ready for an outfit change, Dylan and Lee were already modeling like pros. I brought my pop-up changing tent with me so they could change right there in the woods, giving us more time to keep making photo magic.

The area we wanted to shoot in next was some old chimney ruins that had collapsed years ago. I have no idea what used to be there, but the remains of it made for a wicked cool photo spot. There had been some kids playing on it when we first arrived, but thankfully by the time Dylan and Lee had changed clothes and were ready to shoot, we had the place all to ourselves.

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